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After suffering from an acute ankle injury, Simon showed dedicated care and attention to both the rehabilitation needed for the focused area, as well as providing expansive knowledge to my underlying chronic injuries which had been causing pain over the years. Through his meticulous programming, together, he got me over the finish line at my first half marathon! Sion Physio has helped me both physically and mentally to get back on that horse... onto the next challenge!! 


Working with Simon 8 weeks out from my touch rugby World Cup tournament was been the best decision I made. Working with a physio that was able to programme around my current training load and put me through literally one of the best S&C programmes I’ve had was a game-changer for me. His knowledge and expertise are world-class and his friendly but firm nature as a trainer made each and every session some of my best times training in my 10year competition history. Thanks so much, Simon, your support made everything so much easier


I visited Simon several times before competing in the London Marathon (2019). I have struggled for many years with weakness and instability around my hips. He quickly identified the underlying issue and put in place numerous strength exercises to target this weakness. Having incorporated these exercises into my training, I really couldn't believe the transformation. I became so much stronger and my hips didn't fatigue when completing my big training runs. I still now see the value in these and they have just become part of my normal training. I cannot rate him enough- professional, flexible, knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly he gets results. Thank you!


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